Want To Become A Gamer?

FBAndroid Games have become very famous these days. Did you know that a lot of people are only buying android games, so they can go to Google play store and download new and latest games or most popular games and play for fun. It is interesting to note that Android is the only place where you get a store to download most free apps and use. Check out this latest and famous role playing game bravefrontierguide.org.

Even I have an android phone and thus I understand the addiction among people to go and grab an android phone and start playing games or use other free apps. Almost everything is free on android and even a lot of paid apps are really cheap and affordable. In several countries where people are not very rich or can afford high end costly phones, they go for android phones. Nor just the phones are cheap but also the apps they can use with these phones. Today a latest affordable phone is coming on market for $100 only.

Here too people make games only to make money. Tons and tons of applications are coming up each and every day and with user base growing day by day, the developers who are successful in advertising their apps are minting lots of money. Win Win for application maker and app developer as well as the users. If you are an extensive gamer then please  read our health tips on how exactly to make yourself throw up safe and sound

Are you a Facebook user? If yes, then do you use Facebook to play games or do other things? Recently I have come to know a lot of people who actually use Facebook only to play games rather being in touch with their friends or relatives. Previously I used to think that Facebook is a social networking site which people use to be in touch with their friends and family members but infarct Facebook has become a gaming hub and developers are making millions through their game apps.

Now there is a fierce competition in who can make a better game and make more money. android-gamesCheck out this dragon city breeding game, a Facebook application with 10 million players. Can you believe the number, 10 million? Worldwide players are playing this game.I was also searching for some other types of games and came across Candy Crush which has like a 100 million users. I don’t understand why and how are so many playing a single game. Aren’t they bored of matching items.

Really? Anyways, so the point is that, facebook was a social network which slowly developed into a place to use applications. Developers sprang to Facebook to develop applications for users and make money via Ads. A win win deal for developers and Facebook which obviously takes a share of Ad profits. It has been years since Facebook is famous and continues to remain so. I think Facebook still has a long way to go in attracting people, but so far they are doing great.